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Today, when the internet has opened up practically everything that is going on in the world, from our personal or professional and commercial lives, we need to have protection from hackers of our networks. And so, WEP, WPA/WPA2 and other authentication methods are designed to avoid crackers peeping into our network. Sad to say, cracking of WEP encrypted networks is becoming easier nowadays, and in the case of WPA/WPA2 networks, even if it is difficult to hack, it is said to be possible already. Even if the methods of WEP and WAP/WAP2 are keeping external users from accessing our important information, there are questions about the possibility of internal and authenticated users to penetrate or online decrypt our system.


Note that when utilizing networks of hundreds of users, an internal wireless security is important. 


A solution provided regarding security is the VPN tunnel, wherein the user can join by accessing the point provided by the network. As the user opens the browser, he is then led to a page where the VPN client has to be downloaded and installed. Once installation is completed, the user will proceed to login, and then the VPN client will set up an encrypted and independent tunnel. With the set up done by VPN client, every bit of data goes to the encrypted tunnel thereby making user safe from both external and internal hackers.  


For both business and home use, there is another powerful wifi security software called the portable penetrator. A portable penetrator features a complete WPA crack that will test the vulnerability of any wifi network. Also, this software features a virtual machine support that can deal potential hackers before the act is done. With the automation of the testing procedure in a portable penetrator, the portable penetrator is said to be the ultimate solution, aside from the fact that it simplifies the whole procedure.


Before a cracker can take advantage of your network, the portable penetrator is there to test and solve security issues, and it can also recover WPA, WPA2 and WEP keys, plus it supports 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz. 


Note that security vulnerability is very common in almost any wireless network, and so it is necessary to have a regular testing to assure confidentiality of your business and personal information through the portable penetrator. While this software is doing a thorough examination of your network, this is being done without requiring expert knowledge and tedious work on your side. Note that once the portable penetrator finds and exposes these issues, the hackers will have no chance of taking advantage of these issues thus keeping your network safe from unwanted searchers.


Another security support is the wifi security software that supports the latest security technologies, thus becoming a versatile solution for any type of wireless network of today. For more details, check out